Crazy Daisy for Pocket PC

Crazy Daisy for Pocket PC 1.10

The purpose of the game is to rotate daisys to match petals between them
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Astraware Limited

Crazy Daisy for Pocket PC 1.1 is a puzzle game developed by Astraware. Crazy Daisy for Pocket PC 1.1 has been designed to be installed in Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices and works flawlessly with the latest Windows Mobile 6.1.
Crazy Daisy for Pocket PC 1.1 is a game which shows fancy graphics and nice gameplay. Right after starting the game we can see the main menu showing the three available game modes: Arcade, Puzzle and Endless.
In the game screen we can see several daisies with different colored petals. By taping on the daisies we can rotate them. The purpose of the game is to rotate daisies to match petals between them.
In arcade mode we must reach an amount of points before time goes out. If we get through a stage, time will be increased and new petals will appear.
In Puzzle mode there´s no timing, and the only requirement to get to the next stage is to get an amount of points.
Endless is similar to puzzle mode, but there are no stages.
Graphics are really good and music and sound effects are good too, nevertheless, the game still seems to be very boring to me.
This game is a full featured demo version. Demo version will show a screen before playing for some seconds until the game is registered.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Good graphics and sound effects


  • Very boring game
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